Back To Tamriel

| 12.4.2014 │ Video

Harry Partridge známý především pro svá animovaná videa ze Skyrimu na youtube, vydal nový track pro Elder Scrolls Online – Back To Tamriel

I gave Dagoth a hewing, stopping Dagon was a shoe-in
Alduin’s in ruins, I’m done, „by the nine!“
But there’s rumour of a game and though I know the name
This one can’t be the same for they say it’s online

Back to Tamriel, it’s been a while I’m excited, oh can’t you tell?
Back where heroes dwell, they’ve got every province, how I’ve missed you Vvardenfell

I’ll go through the paces of trying all the races
With sliders for faces and sliders for breasts
I’ve picked from the classes, I’m joining the masses
To whoop Daedric asses on a new kind of quest

Back to Tamriel, get high in Highrock, hammered in Hammerfell
Loot to buy and sell, creatures to own, meet my pet mudcrab named Adele

The end’s no nearer, now dawns a new era
Kvatch to Caldera sees alliances clash
We’ll PVP trolls and reclaim our lost souls
Abd then kick Molag’s Balls, leave coldharbour as ash

I’m back to Tamriel and I’m coming up strong
If you respect my scrolls then you’d better come along
But Tamriel girl I’ve not been gone that long
‚Cuz I never even left, which contradicts this whole song

Back to Tamriel, real life is dead to me, ring out that final bell
Things here are just swell, thing I’ll settle down, find myself an elf mademoiselle

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